What do I do?

You might say I'm in the business of internet marketing. Actually, I am. That's what I do. But I'm also a technologist that can put his hardcore geek on. I speak. I coach. I consult.

More about me?

From Detroit, Live in Austin. Travel as much as I can. Love the outdoors. Beautiful wife. Cutest baby on the planet. Salsa dancer. Jazz trumpeter.

What kind of internet marketing?

Media buys, Mobile advertising, Affiliate marketing, Funnel creation & optimization, Email architecture, And much more...just ask

My background and experience?

Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist (and have been certified in all the biggies like Google, Bing, etc.), Master's Degree in Internet Marketing (yes, that's real. A small handful in the world have this), Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, have worked with one of the largest ad agencies in the world with major clients like GE and AT&T, have placed in the top 1% in affiliate contests, sales contests, etc.

How can I help you?

That depends. Are you looking for consultation? Someone to help with advertising online? Or are you an advertiser wanting to bring traffic to your product? Product launch? Partnership? Let's talk.

Want to get in touch?

Excellent. Just e-mail me below. Don't waste my time.

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